One goal of 2016 is to do more Cheerful Ghost video projects. Keep the Roundtable going strong, do more local developer interviews and game streaming. I love Hearthstone and I know some of you do too and thought it might make sense to do a new Hearthstone series where I play the game and talk a bit about it. Specifically i'll be focusing on grinding my Hearthstone gold dailies, talk about the game in terms of strategy to help people understand the game a bit more and learn that they can do pretty well playing the game for free. In this first episode I grind out one of my daily quests while playing 3 ranked matches. I talk about and use two of my new decks specifically my Dragon Priest and Warlock Zoo.

Recording this using OBS on my Mac and everything went very smoothly. Eventually I may start doing this on Twitch but I figured to start out simple and see how it develops.

Drop any comments you have on this episode and thanks for watching!