One of the benefits of PC gaming is that you can keep playing your games long after you’ve upgraded your system. Often times gamer communities keep amazing old games running well beyond their original shelf life as seen with the Red Alert CnCNet project and Forgotten Empires. For certain game classics such as Wind Waker, Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology we even get an HD makeover that ports the game to modern systems along with a visual refresh. We usually don’t expect these old games to get a full blown expansion 14 years later but recently SkyBox Labs in partnership with Microsoft and Forgotten Empires recently did this and released a full expansion to Age of Mythology called Tale of the Dragon.

The Tale of the Dragon expansion adds a new playable civilization to Age of Mythology in the Chinese, new multiplayer maps as well as a new full single player mission. Age of Mythology is a great game that used to be a staple at my LAN parties with friends. I’ve always felt the game needed more civilizations and this expansion aims to fix that problem.

The single player missions in the original Age of Mythology were really fun and it was great to tear into the new Chinese single player campaign. With that, the single player missions are quite hard and I found myself playing through some a few times to be able to progress. For longtime fans upping the difficulty is a really nice addition as the first single player missions really do start simply and even by the end don’t offer a huge amount of difficulty. If someone were starting the campaigns from scratch Tale of the Dragon's increase in difficulty would be appreciated.

One problem people often have with older multiplayer games is that if one friend has the original game and the other has the expansion they often can’t play together. If both people are running Age of Mythology EX on Steam you don’t need to worry if your friend has the expansion as both people can play together regardless of whom has what.

If you are a real time strategy fan or loved any part of the Age series you need to check out Age of Mythology - Tale of the Dragon. It adds a much needed new civilization and single player mission that really harkens back to the good old days of RTS single player campaigns.

I also want to thank Skybox Labs and Microsoft for giving me a press review key to play through the new Tale of the Dragon expansion.