Whispers of the Old Gods is an all new upcoming expansion for Hearthstone that will launch late April / early May and feature over 300 new cards. Blizzard has dropped some info on a couple new cards featured in our discussion video and linked below. On launch everyone will be getting 3 free Old Gods packs and on opening your first pack you will get the Old God C'Thun and 2 cards that play well with it, for free. So if you've stepped away for whatever reason, you should head back at launch for some awesome freebies.

In this special episode of Hearthstone Dailies for Ghosts I welcome my friend and Cheerful Ghost aficionado Dan to talk about the recent Whispers of the Old Gods Expansion announcement. We talk about the trailer, new cards and overall feel of the current meta.

Before The Old Gods expansion drops Blizzard will be giving us 9 more deck slots as well as deck recipes next Monday. So even though the march to The Old Gods will be a bit long, we will get a few cool features before then.

I want to thank Dan for joining me last minute to record this special episode, it was really fun to be able to bring together after todays announcement.

What do you think of The Old Gods expansion? What kinds of cards do you want to see included with it?

Read up on all the details of the expansion below: