"Möira is an action platformer inspired by the early days of Nintendo’s iconic handheld. Influenced by games such as Kirby’s Dream Land, Kid Dracula, Megaman and Wonder Boy, Möira takes the good, memorable things from these titles and brings them to the XXI century in a new way — as it draws insights from recent games too."

After seeing Moira on Kickstarter and that it included a demo I decided to do a Let's Play of it. The above video is me playing the game for the first time and i'd say it went really well. The intro text scrolled by a bit fast for me to read it well and I didn't get how to do some stuff on the first try but Moria makes up for any of that being a fun and well made indie platformer. If you are looking to try it out I recommend hitting the Kickstarter link below and downloading the demo. Moira has been successfully funded but if you want in on the action there are 11 days left in the campaign.