Kripp has published a couple of his decks after Whispers of the Old Gods launched and I wanted to share one I really enjoy playing with. I made quite a few changes to this deck to combat aggro and zoo in that I replaced Sap, Thalnos & Xaril with Eviscerate and Beckoner of Evil(I also don't currently own Xaril, or else I'd run her in my deck). I also replaced Loot Hoarder with Undercity Huckster as they trade a bit better with early game at 2/2 and get you the draw you need off your opponent instead of drawing from your deck.

This is a very fun deck to play if you have the cards for it and since it contains two old Golds that raises the win conditions considerably. The downsides to this deck are, at times, few answers to aggro but this deck is very sold against Mid and Control. I did fairly well with this deck in a recent local bracketed ladder and I remember one match where dropping N'Zoth after C'Thun sealed the win as my opponent didn't expect me to be running double Old Gods.