If you missed Shovel Knight now might be a good time to realize this Capcom-era retro love letter to platformers. One way to do that is by reading out this Yacht Club Games infographic highlighting how well Shovel Knight has been received. One part I find interesting is the number of people that have played the extra content has been fairly low. The reason the content is being made is because they sailed so far over their Kickstarter goals meeting their stretch goals. The 3DS & Wii U sales numbers were also much higher than I would have initially guessed but it makes sense considering this game is for Nintendo fans and begs to be played on those systems.

Shovel Knight will keep digging through it's upcoming free content in two new upcoming campaigns and game modes. So much value in so few pixels!

If you are looking for a more in depth analysis of the numbers above, head over to Yacht Club's blog and read up. It's a fascinating look at one of the more successful Indie studios financials for their first game.