Recently my partner and I had a kid so I haven't had as much time to game as I usually do. That said, Hearthstone is a good game to play if you only have one hand free when the other one is consoling your crying baby. Sometimes I have to put the phone down for a second to readjust my hold with him but if I am sitting on the couch it works out really well. I'm also a Hearthstone free to play player so like many, I don't have every card available to me but enjoy playing constructed and like trying out the new meta decks. One such deck to emerge post Whispers of the Old Gods is Warlock Burst Zoo. Warlock has always been great with Zoo but it's stepped up a bit after WoTG due to a couple new cards like Darkshire Councilman and Possessed Villager.

I recently built a Warlock Zoo deck from a recipe but since I don't have all the cards for it I had to make some substitutions. Sometimes you really can't sub out certain cards for others but in this case I think they worked out well. Here is the deck I based my alteration on for you to check out:

As you can see, the deck is mostly commons and rares with a few legendaries and one epic and I subbed out all the Legendaries and epics for other cards. Substitutions I made include:

  • Reckless Rocketeer for Leery Jenkins. With Arcane Golem nerfed into the dirt, Leeroy is a very viable card now. That said, I don't have it as it's a Legendary so for now I think substituting Reckless Rocketeer is a good choice. Reckless costs one more mana but it's the same stats and I think the tradeoff is pretty solid. Reckless/Leeroy allow you to cast Power Overwhelming to burst your opponent to death as a possible deck win condition. Reckless Rocketeer ( Leeroy Jenkins(

  • Argent Squire for Gormok the Impaler. Yeah ok, this isn't a fair substitution but there really isn't a cheap replacement for Gormok. Since I don't have Gormok and I also dropped Crazed Alchemist as I didn't find it that useful most of the time I added two Argent Squires to make the deck more quick and added a pinch more Aggro. Argent works well with the buffs this deck can produce and is a very solid turn one. Argent Squire( - Gormok The Impaler(

  • Northsea Kraken for Sea Giant. Again, this isn't a perfect sub but one that works pretty well for this deck. At turn 9 Kraken is both removal and a huge minion making your opponent have to deal with it or lose. Sea Giant is incredible in this deck because it costs less per each minion in play but if you don't have it, like me, Northsea Kraken is a solid replacement. Northsea Kraken( - Sea Giant(

What decks are you running right now and have you made any interesting changes to popular meta decks?