If you're like me you play Hearthstone but are free to play or don't spend much therefore you don't have every card. This means you need to work within a constrained gold(what you earn from dailies) and dust budget. This isn't too bad, but at times can seem like you don't have options to play with fun decks but recently I've found two decks that are really good and can be created fairly easily. The first decknis called "Disneyland Warrior" and is featured in the Kripparian video above. It's essentially a Zoo deck that only contains Warrior commons. Like many Zoo decks, this decks works becase you can keep pumping out cheap minions on curve to win. It's one of the only decks that runs Gurubashi Berserker which can get huge if you play things right.

You can watch the video above for the decklist and see the one on Hearthpwn below.


The second deck is Pirate Warrior, a deck i've mentioned before but want to highlight again because it's not hard to make and swashbuckling fun. You can swap out Reckless Rocketeer for Leeroy Jekins and Sylvanis Windrunner or another Arathi Weaponsmith for Captain Greenskin. The pirate synergy makes for some crazy turns and huge weapons that love to go face. Hearthstone streamer Trump has a series on him creating a free to play account and trying to make Legendary with a Pirate deck very similar to this one so if you are also interested in how to make the deck work and do it free to play, you can start the series with the YouTube link below and continue on until you learn the basics of the deck and how to build it.


Have fun!