The Purify Effect

Blizzard released the latest adventure for Hearthstone this week on the heels of a pretty large community mishap. There are nine playable classes in Hearthstone and the Priest class has been suffering for quite some time in terms of it being competitive. There are no high ranking Priest decks being played and the general community feeling is the class is very underpowered compared to the others. As blizzard was releasing the information on the new adventure cards the community reacted very strongly to a new Priest card many felt was the worst card in Hearthstone, Purify. I'll link to the card below with a video Kripparian made that discusses the card.

After Blizzard saw the absolutely intense community backlash they apologized and removed the card from Arena play. Ben Brode, lead Hearthstone designer promised Priest would get more attention in upcoming expansions and now that the Adventure has finally released the community backlash seems to have died down. The Purify card is still being released in the adventure and will show up in constructed play, but Blizzard has removed it from showing up in Arena.

I think it's important to note the community run up to the Adventure launch because I don't I've seen the community rally around something quite like this. It's also nice to see Blizzard let us know Priest is getting some attention. As with previous adventures Blizzard is releasing One Night in Karazhan one tier at a time and this week we all got to play the latest wing this week.

The Prologue Price Is Right

One Night in Karazhan differs from other Adventures in that Blizzard is making the prologue available to everyone for free. The prologue mission is an introduction mission that introduces the story and characters. It's a fun mission where you play as young Medivh preparing for a party as he is visited by a demon prince that wants to attend. Medivh comes with his own deck, which is an overpowered Mage masterpiece that is well balanced to the overpowered Demon deck you are playing against. If you can combo out the right cards you can destroy your opponent with some insane damage combos making for a really epic battle.

The Parlor Kicks Off The Adventure

The Parlor is a fun first wing to Karazhan but by the time I completed it I wanted more. The first wing cards you unlock have already changed the Hearthstone meta game but I expect many more changes to come with the rest of the cards unlocked. The Legendary you get for completing the first wing is Moroes which is a 1/1 for 3 that has permanent stealth and at the end of your turn summons a 1/1 steward. It's a fun effect that can combo well with Paladin and I am trying to work it into some of my existing decks.

More Nights in Karazhan Plz Blizz

So far I really like the adventure and hopefully the rest turns out to just as good story and gameplay wise as the first tier. Blizzard is saving some of the better cards for later so when those tiers drop it will be interesting to see the new decks that use them.