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Queer Quest: All in a Gay's Work is a new Indie adventure game on Kickstarter fresh out of the Portland Indie Game scene. Designer Mo Cohen is the force behind this really fun take on the adventure game genre while giving it a unique focus.

"Queer Quest is a queer-as-fuck point-and-clit adventure game. Inspired by classic gems like Monkey Island, Kings Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry, but set in a queer community in the pacific northwest. You play as Lupe, a long haired butch with a heart of gold. She lives with her babely girlfriend, Alexis, that is until one day when Alexis gets kidnapped! You gotta help Lupe by deciphering clues, talking to lovable weirdos, and navigating self care."

I know Mo and some of her team from the Portland Indie Game scene and it's awesome to see them involved in really fun projects. My only gripe here is in how some people are responding to the game. I might not be the most avid fan of adventure games myself but some are taking point with the entire premise of the game or that it shouldn't exist at all. I love that this project explores things that really don't come up much in adventures games or the gaming community. If games are to be considered art I would think making a place to explore all the avenues of the human experience should be on the table.

Queer Quest is on Kickstarter now and if you want to know more hit the link below.