Blizzard dropped the date of the upcoming Gadgetzan launch date in a recent game stream and amazingly enough, it's this Thursday! In the stream there were many cards revealed and afterward Blizzard made them available to see on Facebook. You can check out all the Gadgetzan cards on the Blizzard Facebook page or Reddit linked below.

I love that we are getting more Hearthstone cards and that the meta will be changing again, hopefully for the better. I've usually enjoyed each expansion theme and this one is the first I haven't really connected with. Never been into crime noir or gangster stuff and it seems so strange mixing that in a fantasy world. That said, the cards and mechanics they are shipping are really interesting and I personally can't wait to build a Jade Golem and deck and a new Reno deck featuring Kazakus. Some of my friends have been asking me which cards I like from the new set and I've got a few below I find really interesting.

Mistress of Mixtures: She is a good Zombie Chow replacement that seems to work well with Priest negative healing.

Kazakus: If I don't open this legendary this will the be the first one I craft. The spell building effect is awesome and I love Reno decks.

Red Mana Wyrm: This is similar to the Mage card yet has better stats and costs more. This card is likely bad but I enjoy that Blizzard is making this available to all classes.

Hobart Grapplehammer: If you run more than a couple weapons this seems like an auto include. The dream is coining this on turn one then playing Axe on turn two. Well statted and has a great effect.

Wickerflame Burnbristle: Like Tyrion Fordring this may be an auto include in every Paladin deck. At this point, I am not sure why you wouldn't include this in every deck and because of that I wonder if this is too powerful?

Public Defender: Public Defender is a fun card with an amazing concept but may not actually be very good. As someone that enjoys playing with Taunt decks I like where Warrior is headed there but taunt decks are typically fun but not very competitive.

Jade Idol: Welcome our new Druid Jade Golem overloads! The Jade Idol mechanic is so strong I wonder if this is one of the most powerful cards in the game now? Basically for one mana you can put three more cards in your deck FOREVER making it impossible to fatigue due to milling OR you can summon a Jade Golem. *Whew* I can't wait to try out this deck, it looks really fun.

There are a ton of other great cards in the set but those are some of the ones I find interesting. What cards are you interesting in trying?

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