There isn't any story shown in the video above but the gameplay looks amazing and after I watch that trailer I just want to spend time exploring the world. That said one annoyance I have with modern Zelda games is getting bogged down in dungeons. Zelda is known for some great dungeoning but sometimes they seem like a huge stopping point to the story and to the fun parts in the game. Simply making the dungeons longer or make you backtrack in them 5 times isn't something I enjoy. I hope Breath of the Wild can really deliver a very well polished experience that doesn't feel like the fun of the game stops for bad game design and if Nintendo can pull that off this looks like it could well be one of the best Zelda's released.

If you are craving even more Breath of the Wild check out the Nintendo let's play below.

Oh and if you are into Nintendo's Amiibo check out the article below about some special Zelda 30th anniversary collectables. I bet they will be SO EASY TO FIND AND ABSOLUTELY IN STOCK EVERYWHERE SO DON'T FRET K, NINTENDO IS SWELL AT MAKING THINGS AVAILABLE IF THEY ARE IN DEMAND! (Sorry everyone, i'm still bitter I can't get a Nintendo Classic)