"The NES Classic is the hot ticket item of the holiday season and it's currently sold out across the country due to the high demand. Nintendo is working on supplying retail stores with the mini NES, but a full restock isn't expected to take place until after Christmas. Fortunately, there's an alternative for retro gamers seeking an HD 8-bit experience that's more authentic than the popular Nintendo plug & play console. In this Cygnus Destroyer special, we take a look at the RetroUSB AVS."

The Retro USB AVS was all over the Portland Retro Game Expo this year and looks to be one of the best ways to play your NES games on your HD TV. It sports a premium price but ships with a few cool features like built in Game Genie support, online North America Scoreboard, 4 NES gamepads and NES and famicom support.