Charity Speedrunning tournament Awesome Games Done quick finally wrapped raising an incredible $2,213,397 for the Prevent Cancer Foundtation. As usual, the streams were great and I am going to focus on some of the best.

Link to the Past Race Featured above this race is one of the best of this year because not only was it of quite possibly the best game of all time, it's really fun to watch. It's really unfortunate how a few frame mistake and put someone so far behind the pack and this run highlights that.

Super Metroid One of the final speedruns is always Super Metroid which is a big part of Games Done Quick. Every year during the week people can donate to save or kill the animals in Super Metroid and this year people voted to save them. It adds a few seconds to the Speedrun but it's a nice thing people can donate extra to that really make the whole event more fun.

Wind Waker HD Clocking it at 3:49 you should buckle up for a long ride through this cell shaded Zelda paradise. I don't think i've seen the HD version ran before and I really enjoyed it while learning the differences between the original Gamecube title and the Wii U HD version. Wind Waker is a Zelda game I picked up used on Gamecube and haven't played much of but looks great whenever I watch someone play it.

Dark Souls III Bubblesdelfuego is a legendary runner and this Dark Souls III run is superb. Until the game crashes and he has to restart it as a completely different save. Seriously game bugs are the worst but ... he was clipped way out of bounds and I bet that wasn't run through a ton of gameplay testing. Still having the game crash in a run does happen from time to time and bubbles does recover to finish out a pretty incredible run.

Super Mario 3D Land After getting a 3DS this year I spent a bit more time trying to watch streams of actual 3DS games and Super Mario 3D Land was one of them. Has Nintendo honestly ever made a bad Mario game? Even the Mario Teaches Typing had some fun moments.

Castlevania Now that the NES Classic is bringing some older games back into the hands of players watching runs of games like Castlevania game me some ideas on how to play the game better. This race is fun to watch and most of the tricks they pull off to get through the game faster look like something you could do with practice.

Batman Forever Batman Forever isn't a good game but that doesn't mean this isn't an entertaining run. I didn't know that Batman Forever was made with the Mortal Kombat engine but after you learn that the gameplay makes way more sense. Again, this isn't a very good game but it's an interesting one.

The Lost Levels I had The Lost Levels on Super Mario All Stars and never played it because the difficulty is brutal. I mean, it's a difficult game unless you are these runners and then it looks incredibly easy.

Battle Clash I enjoyed the ol' Super Nintendo Super Scope 6 and thought Battle Clash was a really great game. Or at least my young mind thought so and after watching this run the game still looks great. This run is pretty memorable because runner scxcr plays the game backward while looking through a mirror to aim. An impressive run at 13.58.

Mario Paint Mario Paint included a fairly obscure game called Gnat Attack that until last week I had no idea was something people ran. My Grandmother had Mario Paint at her place and every time I visited her I always played Gnat Attack WAY too much. The runners said the original plastic mousepad that came with the game was terrible and maybe it was but to my child mind it was perfect. If only I knew to replace the pad I might have done better because I always felt Gnat Attack was a really hard game.

There are a lot of runs I didn't get to watch live that i've queued up in YouTube. If any of those stand out to me i'll post individually about the run or in a follow up post later. If you watched any runs from this year what stood out to you?