Punch Club dropped on 3DS recently and publisher Tiny Build was nice enough to gift me a copy so I could try it out. If you haven't played Punch Club or are unfamiliar with the game it's a fighting tycoon game where you train your character and manage his stats such that you improve over time to rise in the ranks of the local boxing and underground fighting scene. Like all tycoon games that focus on core stats you have to science the right numbers to progress through the ranks to level up your abilities to fight increasingly tougher and tougher foes. The story included in the game wraps the whole game up well and gives you a nice incentive to progress. Ultimately if you like tycoon games focusing on a difficult grind and are a big fan of the Fight Club or Rocky films, Punch Club is something you need to look into.

I've played Punch Club on Steam and now 3DS and the game shines on both platforms. Punch Club is very comfortable on PC with mouse controls and has been adapted to near perfection on the 3DS. Instead of click to move your character you can use the analog stick to control his movements and also where to focus attention. Since the in game fighting, working your job for in game money and training are all passive the 3DS works well there too. I found that you need to use the 3DS stylus to select things on the touch screen as tap to touch doesn't work as well as other games like Ocarina of Time 3D. Using the stylus might be a requirement for optimal control but having the it around never felt awkward to me. Bottom line, Punch Club translates incredibly well to the 3DS and if you are looking for a richer PC game experience on your handheld you should should check it out.

Punch Club is out now on 3DS, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.