Blizzard is continuing to add heroes, maps and features to Heroes of the Storm and they are going even further in the upcoming 2.0 update. Firstly they are changing the way hero leveling works by removing the cap entirely and changing the absolutely crazy grind to reach higher levels. Another change is the addition of loot chests that are awarded when your Heroes level that award nearly any item in the game including voice packs, skins, banners and portraits! Blizzard is also changing up the way you can outright buy things in game with the new in game currency, gems. Gems can be purchased with real money and Blizzard will give you some at level 5 for free to "get you started". Not sure if players that have progressed beyond 5 will receive the free gems but I hope Blizzard hands them out to everyone including new and longtime players. Blizzard is also adding a new in game currency called shards that are collected when you receive a duplicate item. Spending shards you can acquire cosmetic items meaning that you can get all the in game items playing for free with a fair amount of gameplay. This change is pretty neat and is how it works in Hearthstone were you dust duplicate card and and then craft cards you want with that dust.

In combination with all this 2.0 news Blizzard has dropped details on a new Hero coming to the game called Cassia who is a Amazon from Diablo 2. If you head over to the Heroes 2.0 page you can read more on Cassia and the other 2.0 details that unlock on certain dates like another hero, new battleground and the 2.0 launch event itself. Heroes of the Storm is a fun hero brawler/moba and if you haven't played it yet when it hits 2.0 that might be a good time.