If you read Cheerful Ghost regularly then you know of our love for FTL and one big part of what makes that game so special is the music by Ben Prunty. Ben just recently released a new collection of music he wrote as part of his live music production Twitch stream called "Music Workbench" on Bandcamp.

"During Music Workbench, I make music live on twitch, talk about my creative and technical processes, and answer questions from viewers. The purpose of the show is to help demystify the music production process, which too often is seen as pure wizardry.

Music Workbench happens every Saturday at 2pm Pacific Time at

The album is a perfect chill album for working or kicking around the house and starts off with "Retro Punch" a smooth downtempo electronic track that layers on more interesting stuff until it's final ending notes. The next track Colored Lines might well have been an outake on the FTL score and was a fun addition to the album.

You can listen to all of Music Workbench on Bandcamp right now by hitting the link below.