2D sidescrolling MOBA Awesomenauts has had a very long life and looks like it's getting a shot in the arm as it's going entirely free to play this coming May 24th! If you have the base game and all expansions you will get the new "unlock all nauts" pack which gives you access to all current and future Awesomenauts. They are also adding a new currency Awesomepoints you get by gaining experience you can use to unlock new Nauts, customized droppods or portraits.

Nearly every MOBA is free to play and this update makes sense with the kind of game Awesomenauts is and I hope the community is open to the change.


In 2013 we interviewed Robin Meijer from Ronimo games about Awesomenats and I pictued him certain Awesomenauts matchups with other fictional characters that is well worth a read.