If one had to list their top Disney games of now and the past Ducktales & Kingdom Hearts and the like would no doubt come up for most people. Cygnus Destroyer drops his top 10 Disney Games video on us as he celebrates the recent release of the Disney Afternoon Collection. His top Disney game is The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, something I haven't thought about in quite some time. The Magical Quest is an incredible game and one I rented quite a few times as a kid. It's not something I ever owned back then but it's an incredible Super Nintendo Game that is a best of breed Capcom platformer.

Disney games...they're among the best licensed tie-ins ever produced and they helped create so many happy memories. Whether partnered with Capcom, Sega or other established developers, Disney has dominated the gaming industry into the 2000s and they're back in the spotlight with the recent release of the Disney Afternoon Collection, so I've decided to count down my personal favorite Disney video games In this brand new Cygnus Destroyer Top 10.