"Starting with the release of Hearthstone’s next expansion (but applying to ALL Hearthstone card packs), every time you open a Legendary in a card pack, it will be a Legendary card from the same set that you don’t already own. Once you own either the golden or non-golden version of a Legendary card, you won’t get a duplicate of it until you own all the Legendary cards from that set. Soon, you’ll be able to craft a Legendary without the worry of opening it in your next few packs!

In addition, you will never open more copies of any card in a pack than you can use in a single deck—no more opening three or more of the same common, rare, or epic card in one pack!

Beginning with the release of the next expansion, you’re also guaranteed to get a Legendary within your first 10 packs of a new set. The release of a new Hearthstone expansion is a super exciting time, and with this change we hope your pack openings start off on a celebratory note!

It's about time Hearthstone made changes to opening card packs! These changes should make the game more fun for people that play it casually and for people that spend even a little bit of money on packs. Ben Brode also hinted that these changes would work really well for the next expansion and i'm curious how? Whereas i'm not playing Hearthstone right now i'm really interested in following the game and when the next expansion information drops i'll be reading all about it.

What do you think of the changes to how packs are opened in the next expansion? I mean, a guaranteed Legendary after opening 10 packs? What's not to like?