Not only is the upcoming Diablo III 2.6.0 patch supporting the Necromancer DLC($15) but it's also dropping 3 new zones for free if you have Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. One of the three new zones is The Shrouded Moors and it's featured in the embedded clip above.

"Fetid swamps stretch beyond your vision, obscured by a dense fog that commands malevolent intent. Ancient structures long since abandoned are scattered across the sunken mire, and the absence of human activity might have something to do with an ongoing eerie sense of being watched. Still, despite the sense that something unnatural looms in the distance, the notion that treasure and glory may await tempts even the most cautious being.

Welcome to the Shrouded Moors.

The other two zones are The Temple of the Firstborn and The Realms of Fate. Both look like good additions to the base Diablo III game but the Realms of Fate looks especially interesting as it seems to meld other zones together using a sort of morphing animation.

"The High Heavens are still reeling from the events of the Prime Evil’s assault. While the angelic host works to repair the damage from the atrocities that violated their sacred home, the Archangel of Fate, Itherael, has discovered a curious development in the far corners of his sanctified libraries.

Seamless environmental transitions blend endless possibilities together.

The tomes and history stored within his libraries are changing the heavens themselves, transforming into small pockets reflecting the past, present, and potential futures. Though no one can make sense of why this has occurred, it still poses a threat to Sanctuary. Tyrael invites the nephalem to investigate, his faith in their skills, if not their hearts, still strong.

Some of these zones are teased with an epic boss battle but we can find out for sure when the 2.6.0 patch drops alongside the Necromancer DLC next week!

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