Somehow I missed out on playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood initially. It was the standalone DLC follow up to Machine Games amazing story driven shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order. After Bethesda revealed that Wolfenstein II is coming out this year I decided to head back to Old Blood to finally play it. The Old Blood is a sequel the The New Order but is confusingly a prequel reboot of the original Wolfenstein game. Old Blood features BJ on a mission that takes him to castle Wolfenstein and in the typical fashion, he is immediately imprisoned and must escape. The game starts off with stealth missions that you must handle with care because the alternative is attacking the Super Mech Nazis with a pipe, something that proved impossible to do. Old Blood uses the same gameplay and great shooting mechanics you expect while providing some reskins of weapons you played in The New Order.

The story in The Old Blood is present but dialed down significantly from The New Order. I'm 2 hours into The Old Blood and so far the lack of focus on the story is my only critique of it. Old Blood is a great Wolfenstein shooter but lacks somewhat compared to the deep narrative that made The New Order special.

Right now the entire Wolfenstein franchise is marked down on Steam so if you have an itch to kill a ton of Nazis it's a good time to pick it up.

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