Sony has it's PS4 VR, Occulus has the Rift, Google has Cardboard and Valve has the HTC Vive. Microsoft is doing something a bit different with it's HoloLens and to date I haven't been to interested in it until I recently watched a Metal Jesus video where he showed it off. Apparently Jesus has a friend at Microsoft that let him borrow it for a couple days and take some video of how it turned out. Microsoft HoloLens is a augmented reality system that seems to have some really interesting games you can play with it such as a detective game that takes place entirely in your room. Since it's augmented reality the video doesn't turn out that bad either, which isn't something I can say for most VR video on YouTube as it's stretched and isn't easy to put on a traditional video screen. To date i'm not interested in picking up any VR system yet but I enjoy seeing what they are capable of and playing around with them when I can.