Strap in for another installment of some of the coolest speedruns out of this years Summer Games Done Quick starting with an incredible Link to the Past swordless run by Andy completed in 1:14.58! Andy uses every trick in the book to complete this run quickly without a sword and lots of it is glitching out the game to skip areas and get some items out of order. If you are a fan of the game this is a must watch run!

Super Mario Series Warpless Relay Race in 2:47:12 is an epic run of three teams through all of the Super Mario games on the NES ending with Super Mario World. It's a nail biting race and the end is surprising as it was quite close with all teams coming very near to each other.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix by Bl00dyBizkitz in 3:02:00 might as well be called "The Disney Singalong Run" because during this 3 hour Kingdom Hearts showcase different runners sing through such songs like Gaston, Part of Your World, A Whole New World & Be a Man. It's a really fun run that shows off the spirit of Summer Games Done Quick and brings the spreedrun a little closer to something you'd see in a Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.

G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor by toad22484 in 9:52 is just a solid speedrun of a classic NES game that doesn't get as much love as I think it deserves. It's really quick too so well worth jumping in to watch.