If you haven't picked up The Humble Bundle V yet, you should. So many awesome games included and this time around the bundle includes FLAC files for all the soundtracks.

That said, the port of Sword & Sworcery to the PC and Mac is superb(included in the bundle). I wasn't sure a game made for touch devices would translate well to the mouse and keyboard but it does. I am going to finish my game on my iPhone because I have played pretty far on that device, but if you have the humble bundle 5 I implore you to give Sword & Sworcery a try.

Recently I was at the Trigon battle(I snapped the pic above) and kept dying. Since when you die you immediately re-spawn with one star for life its not too punishing. That said, taking one star of life into the Trigon battle isn't great so I did a few Google searches on how to beat it with one star of life. Come to find out if you hold down the shield in ANY battle for 10 or so seconds you replenish a star of life. That means if you start the Trigon battle with one star by the time it swings at you the first time you can replenish up to four stars of life which allows you to beat the boss.

A few times I needed to lookup how to get past certain levels as like many adventure games the path forward isn't obvious. That shouldn't detract from you playing the game though, its great.

PS Tried all the Linux ports of the Bundle games and they worked very well on my Ubuntu 12.04 system.