My first thought about this game was that it was designed to give people seizures. Not that it does give people seizures, in fact I imagine it doesn't but it has fast blinky lights that I don't see too often in games. In fact the art style of this game I don't see often in games for that matter. Obviously one draw this games has is its unique style.

The premise is that floors fall on your condo and you have to choose which monster to slide any given floor to. Helps if you slide the yellow floors to the yellow monsters and the like for all the different colors. You can do that and a few other things to score points but you mostly choose where to slide floors and if you get a special floor/move when to use those as well. Its a game best played to understand I think.

I picked endless mode for my first play through and noticed 10 minutes in I wasn't doing anything wrong. I then just randomly tossed floors and a few minutes later lost but I scored 26 million points. Odd. Then again it was cool to score 26 million points but then again, I was just flipping blocks randomly.

That said, the timed mode is fun and its got a really unique style you should check out.