A new video is out that shows the new abilities Samus can find in Metroid: Samus Returns. The new Aeon abilities such as scan pulse, lightning armor, beam burst and and phase drift are new to Samus Returns and are powered by a new Aeon energy meter. The trailer seems to imply that the new abilities are optionally available to find which might allow the game a more open ended path to navigate through. The original Gameboy version of Samus Returns is pretty linear and also very hard to navigate as there was no(that I remember) in game map system requiring you to resort to making your own OR finding one online. Samus Returns includes a modern in game Metroid map AND it looks like it might not be based on the original Metroid: Return of Samus game map. Samus Retruns seems to be, though i'm not entirely certain until I read a review or play it, a revisioning of the Gameboy title that changes up quite a few things including the classic map locations and bakes it up fresh for a modern audience that might not be familiar with the original game.

Metroid: Samus Returns comes to the Nintendo 3DS on September 15th.