Back in May I started my playthrough of Link Between Worlds on the 3DS. It's a fun follow up to Link to the Past and bring enough new things to the table to be interesting. As with most new Zelda games and because I have a one year old I play it in bursts. Recently I completed a few dungeons in Lorule, which is the Dark World equivalent in Link Between Worlds. Link Between Worlds keeps the dungeon locations to the same places as Link to the Past. The Lorule dungeons are all different but keep some of the themes with the original dungeons. For instance, Lorule has a Thieves Dungeon that is similar to the Link To The Past Dungeon. Each dungeon in Link Between Worlds, so far, keeps the base similarity to Link to the Past while changing the puzzles and having the dungeon layout be totally different. I'd also say, in general, the Link Between Worlds Dungeons are a bit harder and more varied in puzzles. The Lorule Dungeon bosses are also based on the original Link to the Past dungeon bosses but feature a new mechanic. So far, like most Zelda bosses, they have a couple hooks but once you understand them are easy to beat.

If I had to guess I'd say i'm slightly less than half way through the game and given about how long it's taken me to get to this point I should complete it sometime this holiday season. Good thing people in Hyrule are used to living under the thumb of evil despots because i'm not going to save them anytime soon. But you know, freedom doesn't come quickly when you have kids.