Downloaded this demo on the PS3 after hearing in a podcast that the game was exceptionally violent and gory. It is. The first few seconds of the demo shows your enemy knocking rail road spikes into your hands while you dangle on a cross. Some vivid imagery and then the game pulls you into a flashback.

The games tone is very Godfather-ish but the voices are as if people are mocking Italian Americans. The demos first few minutes are not too hard as you just hit X a few times and try to kill a few guys though I missed most of them and it didn't seem to count against me.

If you are familiar with The Darkness, this game is similar. You are the host to "The Darkness" which is a spirit that possesses you giving you evil super powers. You can shoot out tentacles that can grab on to bad guys and rip them apart. You can have the tentacles nab a car door to use as a bullet shield or toss things at guys to knock them down.

The shooting in the game is good but its meant to be played as a shooter/grab stuff with your tentacles game. You get bonus points for more gruesome deaths and its kind of fun to see how creative you can be.

That said, the game has a few tones and they are all scary dark. I don't mind the gore but games that are just one style throughout wear on my pretty fast. That said the demo was pretty interesting and if you loved The Darkness this looks to be more of that with a Godfather like feel to it. It's also very apparent to me it's a 2K game as the character models look Borderlandsy. It has the same drawn look just not as pronounced.

In the end I stopped playing the demo because it just kept adding bad guys to make it more challenging. Fun but I wasn't blow away by it. You should download the demo and check it out if you are interested it's worth a look!