For Retro Tuesday I am going to nerd out on a game from a galaxy far far away.... Queue John Williams please....

In a world where movie tie in games go horribly wrong Star Wars is one franchise that does pretty well for itself. More recently with the Knights of the Old Republic MMO Star Wars has had good luck with its tie-in games. One such game I played was Super Star Wars on the Super Nintendo.

Super Star Wars is a fast paced action side scroller where you played Luke Skywalker starting the game with a simple blaster. As you progressed you could upgrade your blaster and after meeting Obi-Wan you got the lightsaber. At one point you can play as Han Solo but I never opted to use him as Luke could use the blaster and lightsaber and all told the lightsaber was too good to miss.

One thing I really liked about Super Star Wars was that for two missions they tossed out the sidescrolling elements and you took a first person view for a Landspeeder run in Tatooine and ended the game in the Death Star trench in Lukes XWing. The Landspeeder run in Tatooine was fun as you spend your time collecting items and shooting Jawas and bullseying Wamprats.

A few months into owning the game I discovered an issue of Nintendo Power that dropped a hint on a secret area of the game where you could collect unlimited lives. Getting all these lives allowed me to replay certain hard levels to master them. After I mastered some harder levels beating the game with the standard life set wasn't too hard. The game didn't allow a continue at the level you left off at so losing all your lives was pretty annoying.

I really dug this game and as far as side scrolling action shooters go its one of the best I played on the Super Nintendo. I didn't pick up Super Empire Strikes back or Super Return of the Jedi though. Always looked cool to ride a Ton Ton though.


Want to know all the game secrets? Doesn't everybody?