John Riggs reviews the new Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio+ that melds the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Genesis together in an interesting way. Not only can you play nearly all of the game karts of those systems with it but it allows you to switch between the different regions as well as provides composite video/audio out as well as HDMI at 720p. Like all X in one systems it supports the controller ports from all the systems so all your controllers work as well as provides a fair NES & SNES Controller out of the box. I have the Hyperkin RetreoN 3 which works really well for composite video/audio but I am looking at picking something up that will do HDMI out and this looks like a really great new option to look into.

"Step up your retro-gaming experience and relive three classic systems like never before, in crisp 720p resolution! The SR3 Plus is the premium top loading console for all of your original NES, SNES, and Genesis games. Custom built with three cartridge slots, six controller ports, and now with HDMI compatibility!

Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio Plus Features

  • Compatible with original NES, SNES, and Genesis game cartridges

  • Custom built with NTSC/PF/NJ/PA region switch

  • AV and HDMI (6 ft. cable included) compatible

  • Includes two 10 ft. wired six button controllers

  • Controllers compatible with SNES and select Retro-Bit consoles

  • Two controller ports for NES, SNES, and Genesis controllers