Analogue are the creators of the new Super Nt a moderinization of the Super Nintendo that looks to recreate it entirely in hardware. Thing is, most retro remake systems that allow you to play original NES, SNES or Genesis games often use emulation to achieve this which essentially does a ROM dump of the game to play it. The Analogue hardware developers have worked to create a FPGA Super Nintendo that reduces the emulation educed game lag to zero and allows the games to run at a crisp 1080p with authentic audio. At about $200 the system costs as much as the launch Super Nintendo back in the 90's and even includes a built in game Super Turrican. If you are wondering how it plays check out the Metal Jesus review above and if you want to know more how this machine came to be there is an incredible interview with the creator of Analogue on Polygon I've linked below.

Nothing beats the price and convenience of the Super Nintendo classic but as someone with a lot of SNES carts and counting these kinds of systems are pretty incredible.

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