I picked up Far Cry 2 at the mid point in the PS3's lifespan. It was about $17 used at a game store and since I hadn't really played a Far Cry game yet, it seemed like a good time to give it a shot. I heard the open world gameplay was fun, but the game insisting that you had to deal with malaria was not. I completed the whole game on PS3 and didn't find the malaria aspects too frustrating. If you continue through the game at a good pace you got enough pills to keep things moving forward. I wonder what would have happened if you avoided the main story?

Now that Far Cry 5 is out Digital Foundry has a new video comparing Far Cry 2 to the latest release and it's really interesting to note that not every gameplay element is included. I really enjoy the Far Cry games and completed Far Cry 3 last year and want to wrap up Blood Dragon next. It's fun playing through the series and not keeping current means that it's easy to do on a budget.