After the Switch dropped and it was obvious that is was really popular I started thinking that Sony, Microsoft and even Valve might want to get into dedicated mobile gaming handheld market. With everyone having handy access to very powerful smartphones the market could get crowded but one thing Nintendo showed me that if you do something right, people will buy it. I'm not gonna lie, I've wanted a dedicated PC gaming handheld for a while and would love it if Valve made one. That all said the people over a Digital Foundry made a video recently wondering if Sony would make the Switch equivalent for the PS4. The long story seems to be no and if they did it would just be a sequel to the Vita. A Vita successor might be awesome and worth a release but the value of the Switch is that it's the current Nintendo console and a handheld, which is harder to do with the PS4 or XBox One mostly due to power constraints giving Nintendo a huge advantage.

"Is Switch truly one of a kind, or could Sony - and indeed Microsoft - create their own console hybrids? Rich explains why it's actually more likely that Switch could step up to challenge those consoles rather than the other way around."