Pokemon Quest just launched on Android and iOS two days ago and i've been playing it a bit since it dropped. I'm going to say right at the top that Pokemon Quest is a good mobile game and it's free to play elements aren't too annoying. That said, the game is good but not great and it's not quite boring, but it's not that compelling either. You might as well call Pokemon Quest "Pokemon Rival Turf Wars" because the basic gameplay is you have 3 Pokemon in a group they walk around levels automagically and pick fights with other Pokemon until your Poke-gang kicks everyones ass. Your group has an overall power level and it's easy to tell if you have enough power to beat the current stage or not. As you beat levels you are awarded power stones that boost Pokemon attack and health as well as speed up their activated abilities. It's a fairly simple game in concept and execution and I think that's all to it's credit yet even with a fun voxel art style and original Gameboy sound effects the game is ... fine.

That said, I imagine Pokemon fans will enjoy this little jaunt in the Poke-verse and it should make a zillion bucks for Nintendo.