A friend shared a recent talk Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software gave recently at this years GDC and i've been keeping it around for the right time to write about it. It's only available at the GDC Vault and not a YouTube video I can embed above, so sorry about that. Anyways, I recommend you check it out at the link below because not only is Jeff someone I admire but it's a really great talk about how not to fail in the games industry. Jeff admits that the kinds of games Spiderweb makes are not hits and that he makes just enough to have a good middle class life serving his niche audience. Usually the only stories people focus on in gaming are the rags to riches stories and Jeff's is something a bit more inspiring to me.

If you're interested in fun talks about people doing cool stuff in gaming, watch this video. If you have no idea who Jeff Vogel and Spideweb software is then watch this video. So yeah, just watch the video and when you do let me know what you think.