Madcoaster is a fun runner clone I have been enjoying lately. iPhone as of when I write this, sorry Droids! Its published by Chillingo, the company that brought us such greats as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. A bit of an aside, Chillingo has created a ton of mobile games, you should thumb through the list sometime, its very impressive.

As I said earlier, Madcoaster is a runner clone like Robot Unicorn Attack or Jetpack Joyride. Where it differs is in style and tone. You collect coins and can upgrade your coaster, but the coin and item store is not pushy. Madcoaster is less punishing than other runner type games which is why I think its more fun. Collecting coins is one important aspect of Madcoaster as well as ramming birds. As you progress the variety of birds you can hit increases and it feels both fun and odd to ram them. I was wondering if some of the Angry Birds would make an appearance. So far, not yet.

Its a free game well worth checking out as it fits the mobile spot nicely of fun diversion that doesn't take hours to play. Most mobile games don't stick with me longer than a few hours but this one has me hooked into playing it a few minutes a day. Makes sense too, its fun.