One big piece of news to come out of the Portland Retro Game Expo this year was the announcement of the Intellivision Amico. It looks to revision the classic console for the modern era and a few people I knew went to the panel. So far, it's mostly all specs and artistic renderings and a splashy video but if it delivers 80% of what it sets out to do it should be pretty awesome.

With that I have a few questions about it. Do all the game on the system need to be exclusive? Have yet another place to play Indie games might not be a bad thing, new Intellivision included. How are they going to ship this system at an $180 price point? Seems like a very hard target to hit and be a quality system. Why do the controller need wireless charging? I get that Qi is the new hot wireless charging standard but plugging stuff in isn't a big deal for retro enthusiasts and you can save a couple bucks for everything else you want to pack in to the Amico.

In the end i'm really supportive of this system and I think there is room in the market for a new retro enthusiast console that has a modern online ecosystem.

"Almost 40 years after the release of the original Intellivision® home video game system which helped to redefine the video game industry, Intellivision Entertainment is proud to carry on its “Legacy of Firsts” by announcing the brand new revolutionary family home video game console named Amico to be released on October 10th, 2020 (1010 2020). Amico is the Italian word for “friend” or “buddy” and encapsulates an element of the approach and dynamics for what makes the new console so unique and an exciting addition to everyone’s family.


  • US $149 - $179

  • October 10, 2020 (1010 2020)


  • All games are family friendly and rated “E for Everyone” or “E10+”.

  • Every game version on the console is EXCLUSIVE.

  • Quality over quantity! All games must past a strict quality control seal of approval.

  • Balanced gameplay and design for Equal Opportunity Gaming for all.

  • All games are downloadable and between US $2.99 - $7.99.

  • No costly DLC (Downloadable Content) add-on’s or “In-App Purchases”.

  • Launch to include several built-in reimagined Intellivision Classics (pre-installed in every console) and over 20 games including both reimagined industry classics and brand new exclusive titles via the Intellivision Online Store.


  • 2 wireless Bluetooth controllers (up to 8 player compatible and connectivity).

  • 3 ½ inch (2:3 aspect ratio) Color Touchscreen.

  • Pioneering tilting positional disc with surrounding interactive LED border.

  • 4 arcade-style tactile feedback buttons.

  • Gyroscope & Accelerometer.

  • Force feedback.

  • Controller to be used horizontally or vertically including dominant left or right hand usage.

  • Qi (pronounced “CHEE”) wireless onboard charging.

  • Speaker

  • Microphone

  • Free downloadable app enables mobile phones as additional controllers (up to 8 players).


  • State of the Art 21st Century 2D Image Processing and Graphics Capability

  • Intellivision Prism™ Onboard Interactive Lighting Technology.

  • WiFi/BT & Ethernet Connectivity.

  • HDMI Video Output.

  • Multiple USB Ports

  • System Expansion Interface.


  • Intellivision Online Store for the ability to purchase additional software.

  • Multi-player online gaming and structured multi-tiered tournament play.

  • Time & Space Leaderboard System™ which includes high scores by locations and calendar.

  • Trophy/Achievement rewards system which awards unique accomplishments to each player.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 10/24/2018 at 04:51pm

See my comments in the Retro Gaming Expo Retro (yeah I went there).

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