Civilization on DOS was the first turn based strategy game I was addicted to. It felt like you could do anything and I used diplomacy, strategic building and nukes to dominate the other civilizations. The turn based strategy genre has a fun history and Civilization is still the king of the crop even now. But what if you wanted that same Civilization flavor but wanted to simplify it a bit? What if you wanted to build an epic Civilization but didn’t want to spend a ton of time learning a complex user interface or build strategy? What if you could play a Civ type game right in your desktop browser or on your phone?

Well friend today is an early Christmas because Cheerful Ghost is launching an all new game to our BBS called CivClicker! CivClicker is a empire building idle / clicker game you can play right now in your browser. In CivClicker you start out by collecting resources such as food, wood and stone and use those to structures to house your townsfolk. You can choose what jobs your townsfolk can have such as Farmer(to automatically collect food), Woodcutter(automatically gain wood) and Miner (to automatically gain stone). From there the game branches out pretty deeply by unlocking new structures and giving you the ability to take over neighboring villages and kingdoms. It’s a pretty deep game but simple enough to be accessible to play in your web browser.

One of the most magical parts about CivClicker is that it’s an open source project that was created by David Holley in 2013. David’s original work was later extended by fixing bugs and making the interface work well on mobile devices by Scott Colcord and Luke Nickerson. This open source license allows us the ability to give CivClicker a home on our BBS and you the ability to play it right now. I want to thank David, Scott and Luke for their work as CivClicker is a really special game.

Head over to our BBS and give CivClicker a shot and let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Your First 15 Minutes In CivClicker

To make the game a bit more accessible I’m going to outline your first steps with the game to help ease you into playing it.

Firstly click the harvest button 20 times and the cut buttons 20 times. This gives you 20 food, some skins as well as 20 wood which allows you the ability to build a hut. You need huts to hire hire villagers to work.

You build a hut click the “idle citizens” drop down and select farmers and click the +1 button. This hires a farmer that will start auto collecting food at a rate of 0.2 every second. If you follow this process (by clicking harvest 20 more times for 20 food per farmer) you can add enough farmers to get 1 food per second and onward and upward.

As you add woodcutters and miners realize that your ability for your farmers to gather food goes down a bit so there is a constant need for farmers for a big village. If people don’t have enough food to eat they get unhappy and die so make sure your village is well fed!

People dying isn’t the worst thing but it requires you to bury them at some point or you might have issues with corpses or zombies…

Those are the basics but if you find anything useful drop it in the comments!