If you love retro games and want a pristine HD experience usually you can buy a clone system that emulates the games well but can introduce latency or emulation artifacts you might not want. Typically Speedrunners and folk that prefer playing on original hardware play retro games as they were originally intended but those retro systems are limited to analog video, something that doesn't look great on modern displays. Analogue decided to solve this problem by not emulating the original video game hardware in software but by creating chips that recreate the original systems bit for bit. To-date Analogue has released a version of the original NES, Super Nintendo and now Sega Genesis that runs the original games in crisp 1080p and with zero input lag. DF Retro has a new video up that compares the Mega Sg to the original Sega hardware and it looks like the Mega does really well and even surpasses the original system in many ways.

Metal Jesus also has a good review of the system too, so if you need more metal in the review, this is a good one to watch too.