Hey everyone. It's been a quick few weeks since we first dropped the first details of Tale of the White Wyvern and it was fun to see people in the community excited about playing it! As we put the finishing touches on the game for the upcoming beta I wanted to let you know a few more details a bit at a time to give you a taste of what to expect when the game launches.

How Player Leveling Works

In Tale of the White Wyvern you spend your daily turns per day fighting enemies in the forest to gain experience, gold and if you are lucky you may find some gems. Once you gain enough experience and feel you are powerful enough you can go to Tarbreth's Adventurer Training and spar with your Master to level up. Each level up grants you extra hit points, strength and defense as well as a level up in your class ability.

As you play the game you can find gems and use those gems to purchase permanent stat boosts(strength, defense or hitpoints) or gain a class level. How you spend your gems should line up with how you want to play the game so if you want to focus on damage dealing, sinking you gems into strength makes sense. If you want to focus on a defensive play style, spend your gems accordingly. If you want to level up your class for increased ability, you can do that too.

Tale Will Launch With Three Character Classes

Early on I had grand dreams of shipping Tale with six character classes but I decided to cut the games scope drastically so we could ship something people could play sooner and one of those things was shipping with three playable classes. I wanted to launch with classes that people could enjoy and also held a different approach per class depending on your play style.

Mage: I want to talk first about my favorite class in Tale of the White Wyvern, the Mage. The Mage is a magic user that on each level gain acquires another magic point & magic power point. As you level up you can unlock new spells and if you have enough magic points you can cast new spells.

* Magic Missile (1)
* Teleport (5)
* Healing (8)
* White (10)

The casting cost of each spell may change as we move into balancing the game more but right now that feels like the right cost for each spell. Magic Missile is a classic damage attack, Teleport quickly removes you from fights that you might not quite be ready for, Healing restores your HP during a fight and White is an ultra attack that does a massive amount of damage.


Rogue's are a sneaky defense based class for players that enjoy lurking in the shadows and striking their prey. Rogues have Stealth Points they can spend to perform sneaky attacks that deal massive amounts of damage.


Warrior's are masters of battle and specialize in dealing massive amounts of direct damage to foes. They are the perfect class choice for people that just want to deal as much damage as they can as quickly as possible. Warriors gain Battle Points as they level to spend on multiple critical attacks. The Warriors main power ability attack is Primal Scream that absolutely decimates enemies in your path.

Class Choice Effects Stat Boosts

As you fight in the forest you have a random chance to get a permanent stat boost and each class receives something a bit different that has the effect of making your class choice have a lasting effect on how you play the game.

* Random stat boosts in the Forest for Mages give them 3 extra hit points.
* Random stat boost in the Forest for Warriors give them 1 strength point.
* Random stat boost in the Forest for Rogues give them 1 defense point.

Depending on how you want to play the game, selecting the appropriate class will effect aspects of your ability.

Dual Class The Perfect Build

There is a secret place in the game where lucky adventurers can find to select a new class. So if you felt you have learned enough spells as a Mage you can switch over to be a Warrior and dual class. As the newly selected class the random stat boost encounters note your new class and grant you abilities accordingly.

As Tale of the White Wyvern launches I'd love to hear more about what you think of the classes and what dual class builds you plan to experiment with!

Azurephile   Super Member wrote on 06/18/2019 at 06:00am

Sounds cool! Having three different classes actually makes me want to play three different characters. Will that be possible? (Like in Diablo.)

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/18/2019 at 03:11pm

At launch we plan on having one game rolling so you can pick one class and then when the time is right dual class. After you get to level 12 and kill the Wyvern you start back at level one and can pick a new class.

We might run multiple games at some point So if we do you can pick whatever class you want.

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