Season 3 of Stranger Things drops on Netflix on July 4th and as a compantion to it Stranger Things 3: The Game will come out on XBox One, PS4, Steam and the Switch for $20. BonusXP partnered up with Netflix to come out with the FIRST mobile Stranger Things games you can play for free, which is pretty fun. The new one costs a twenty and apparently plays quite a bit like a Super Nintendo game.

According to Polygon:

"We had a chance to play the retro-style game on Nintendo Switch this week during Nintendo’s indie game event at the 2019 Game Developers Conference. Visually speaking, its pixelated isometric world resembles 16-bit classics like Zombies Ate My Neighbors. But its creators say the game’s design borrows more from the classic Sierra adventure and exploration games of the 1990s, which prioritize storytelling and puzzle-solving above combat.

The game features local split-screen co-op, but no online play. It can also be played solo. The player navigates familiar Stranger Things environments, like moody woods and sterile laboratories, solving environmental puzzles and fighting baddies. Each character has a unique combat ability. As new characters are unlocked, the player can switch between the roster in real-time.

In the demo, we played as Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper. Joyce can spin around like a tornado, breaking boxes and stunning enemies. Jim bullrushes, clearing lines of foot soldiers. Certain characters’ skills will allow them to access additional areas and items.

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