I'm going to be writing a few posts about games I'd otherwise not be playing but decided to because we're all now to shelter-in-place and you know, fuck it, might as well get to some cool games.

One game I've had my eye on for quite some time is Risk of Rain 2 as I __really__ enjoyed the original game on PC. That said, with a kid and a developer day job sitting yet again at a desk on a PC for fun isn't always a super hot idea so playing games on the Switch is much more appealing. I've considered picking up Risk of Rain 2 on the Switch and wasn't sure because it's a third person shooter and had doubts how well that might work out on a controller(I prefer a keyboard and a mouse just like your Grandpap). When I found out they included the original Risk of Rain on the Switch game cart as a bonus I decided to pick it up. I've wanted to play the original Risk of Rain again on the Switch and felt that getting it for about twenty dollars AND Risk of Rain 2 was too good of a deal to pass up.

Thoughts on Risk of Rain 2

Well see, I don't have any strong thoughts yet as I've not really played it. But I bought it and the Switch box it came in looks great, so it has that going for it. And when you put the Switch cart in the system both games magically show up, which seemed like some kind of Nintendo Wizard magic.

But I HAVE played a lot of the original Risk of Rain on Switch and yeah, that's still fun as hell. It's as if Risk of Rain was meant to always be on that platform as it's perfect in handheld and on the TV.

I've heard Risk of Rain 2 is incredible and it sits at a rating of A REALLY HIGH RATING(So scientific of me I know, but go look, i'm not wrong) on each platform it's on. I figure I'll keep playing Risk of Rain on the Switch like a troglodyte and some day I'll get to Risk of Rain 2.

But at I have the box and as I said, the art looks great so you know, I'll always have that.

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