The Summer Games Done Quick charity speedrun has begun and if you love watching people play videos games fast and supporting incredible charities, this for you. You know, even if that might not sound like it’s your thing I’d recommend clicking the play button above to give a random speedrun a few minutes.

Summer Games Done Quick donations go to support Doctors Without Borders which is a fantastic charity that brings medical help to the places in the world that are in need. So if you have a few minutes to watch some fun runs and a few bucks to chip in make sure you do!

Summer Games Done Quick runs from July 4th - 10th.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 07/08/2021 at 07:43am

Charity is definitely cool. This particularly catches my interest, because of GTA3. I really loved that game when it came out. I couldn't get enough of it. I had played a little bit of GTA and/or GTA2, but GTA3 really put the game in the spotlight for me. I enjoyed Vice City and San Andreas, too, when they came out. There were some GTA games for the PSP, too, which I also enjoyed. Although, I never did get my hands on Chinatown Wars.

I liked GTA4 and it's expansion packs, but I've only completed all three once on PS3. It was probably the first or at least among the first games I bought when I got my PS3. I have it on Steam now and I did start playing it at one time, but I didn't play it very long. Looking at it now, Steam says I've spent just less than 3 hours playing it. I had it installed recently, but uninstalled it since I hadn't gotten to it, found other games to play instead, and needed the storage space (my SSD is only 1TB, unlike the 2TB HDD I had for the Alienware, which unfortunately both the PC and HDD died two years ago).

Now we have GTA5 and it blew away everything else. I imagine it has to be the most popular in the series and even almost 7 years later, it remains popular. I imagine this could be in part because it was released for the next generation of consoles. That was nice, too, because it got some improvements.

Part of it's continued popularity probably also has to do with GTA Online. I played GTAO a little bit, but I was turned off by it, because of other players. It wouldn't take long for someone to kill you once you stepped out of your residence. I revisited GTAO last year, because there was a quest you could do which rewarded you with a special gun for Red Dead Redemption 2. Once I finished that, I was done with it.

Back to this, it's interesting. I still wonder how someone could speed run through the game and a simple search on Google tells me it's been done in about an hour. Wow! I didn't look into the details of how that's been done, but I still find that amazing.

I'm glad these modern GTA games are on Steam, I have them all, though I haven't played them much. I'd still like to go back and play some of them again. I remember trying to replay San Andreas when I got it on Steam, but I had an issue with the mission where you have to use the hydraulics on your car. The controls just didn't seem to work, but I later read how you're supposed to do it.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my thoughts. I'm interested to know what anyone else here thinks about this and the series in general.

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