The greatest show in the world is back with a crowdfunding campaign for it's 14th season! If you are so inclined, I encourage you to fund it at whatever level you deem suitable.

Also, all Thanksgiving weekend long they will be having MST3K Turkey Day crowdfunding super marathon! You can watch it on the Gizmoplex or YouTube or the zillion other places MST3K streams.

Turkey Day 2023 Super Marathon Schedule:

Thursday 11/23

9AM ET/6AM PT: Bride Of The Monster

11AM ET/8AM PT: The Pumaman (Surgically Enhanced)

1PM ET/10AM PT: Escape 2000

3PM ET/12PM PT: Beyond Atlantis

5PM ET/2PM PT: The Beatniks

7PM ET/4PM PT: Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

9PM ET/6PM PT: The Giant Gila Monster

11PM ET/8PM PT: The Starfighters (Surgically Enhanced)

Friday 11/24

1AM ET/10PM PT: Munchie

3AM ET/12AM PT: Master Ninja II

5AM ET/2AM PT: Catalina Caper (Surgically Enhanced)

7AM ET/4AM PT: Operation Kid Brother

9AM ET/6AM PT: The Bubble

11AM ET/8AM PT: Time Chasers

1PM ET/10AM PT: Horror Of Party Beach (Surgically Enhanced)

3PM ET/12PM PT: Prince Of Space

5PM ET/2PM PT: Dr. Mordrid

7PM ET/4PM PT: Girl In Gold Boots

9PM ET/6PM PT: Stranded In Space

11PM ET/8PM PT: Gorgo

Saturday 11/25

1AM ET/10PM PT: Santo in the Treasure of Dracula

3AM ET/12AM PT: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

5AM ET/2AM PT: Santa Claus

7AM ET/4AM PT: The Christmas Dragon