I have had many conversations with my friends about the "best video game cart of all time". Not the best game of all time, the best cart. The original Zelda is tossed around, The Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, Goldeneye, and Sonic. Super Mario All Stars generally wins because it has such an amazing line up. Its not just that it has Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3 & The Lost Levels... But that it adds things like saving whenever you want AND upgraded the graphics for the Super Nintendo.

For certain games like Super Mario Brothers 3 the save feature means the difference between warping directly to the end all the time and being able to play through the entire game reasonably. Super Mario Bros 3 was a great game on the NES but the lack of save really hampered what you could do with it. I know people that left their NES on a few nights to go through Mario 3 in its entirety. Plus, the Racoon tail suit was awesome.

My other fav of this cart is Super Mario Bros 2. Ill save most of my ravings about this game for another post about it directly. That said, Super Mario Bros 2 may very well be my most beloved of the series. So many great memories of playing this with @WhiteboySlim.

Didn't play too much of the lost levels, it was punishingly hard and to this day don't go wild for other hard titles like Nethack or various roguelikes. Not that the lost levels was a rougelike, it was just very hard.

One of my friends takes note with the "best video game cart of all time" for this cart as he has the Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World which came with a late packaging of the SNES. I agree with him, that one is MUCH more epic, thing is I never owned it :)