I want to love the Wii U. My passion for video game started with the original Nintendo and continued to the Super Nintendo. Nintendo has been a large part of gaming for most of my life. That said, the Wii U isn't catching my excitement.

The always amazing video game YouTube celeb boogie2988 has a new video rant as Francis, a character he does on his channel about the Wii U(video above). After a hazy start the rant is spot on with much of how I feel(warning, it is an intense video with some colorful humor that may offend some).

I like the end of the video, where he whimpers to the camera that he will get the Wii U because he loves Nintendo so much even with all its shortcomings. It was a very apt ending to the video, sad in a way because I think its possible Nintendo is leaving a high place it once had in my life, as the epicenter of all my awesome game experiences.

What do you think, are you excited about the Wii U? Does Nintendo rule your world as it once did? Do you lament Nintendo's pivot away from your video game world or does it not phase you too much?