StarTropics is a cool game I never finished. I picked this up for a reduced price after the Super Nintendo was launched and NES games were marked down signifigantly. I believe I never finished it because the graphics were not quite as good as the SNES RPG's that I was used to, like Final Fantasy 2, 3 and Secret of Mana. All told the game isn't in the category of square's "golden SNES catalog" but it was fun.

It was a quirky story and a unique backdrop as you were on a island and the characters and enemies had an island flavor. Still haven't seen much that has reminded me of this setting in recent memory. Its on my bucket list of games to return to and figure out if its a great game and I missed it or if it was just kind of forgettable.

Either way, ive been thinking about it lately because it stands out in my mind as being unique and something I didn't see a lot of back in the the day.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/02/2012 at 02:18am

Oh and, this was released by Nintendo. I wasn't saying it was released by Square, I was just comparing it to what RPG's I was playing at the time.

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