Kingdom Rush was recently released for the iPhone and being a fan of the original browser Flash game installing it was a no brainer. It being free also helped as well. Since Kingdom Rush had an iPad port it was fairly inevitable that there would be a port to the iPhone and after playing a few levels I can say the wait was worth it. Occasionally the map doesn't fit the size of the phone and the game lets your flick around the map to see areas you couldn't otherwise. That said, the port is nearly flaweless and in not time I was enjoying myself protecting my Kingdom from invaders.

Tower Defense is one of those game types that does well on a touch screen device. Tapping to select the tower you want to build is simple enough but Kingdom Rush ups that a notch by tossing the invaders at you at a quicker pace. If you don't feel the game is fast enough, you can tap to allow the next wave of invaders to come faster and if you do so, incur a bonus of reinforcement units.

The game picks up on the pretty popular freemium model by allowing you the ability to collect gems and spend those on in game bonus items. If you want to purchase them with real money, you can. As with many freemium games you need not pay to win, that said I could see where it would help you out quite a bit.

If you have an iPad or iPhone you should download Kingdom Rush as it is a really fun high quality tower defense game. The ability to replace levels with different challenges adds to its replay-ability and its fantasy theme make it more fun that most of its kind.