facepunch recently dropped some leaked art information from an un-named source at Valve about a new title they are apparently working on called "Stars of Barathrum." Again, this is rumor but this rumor comes with some leaked artwork that someone chopped up into the video above.

From facepunch:

"An inside source has confirmed that SOB (Valve's new IP) is an unannounced game entitled Stars of Barathrum (working title). Plays like privateer/freelancer but also with the ability to command larger cruisers and capital ships. It's a very vast and open-world game where you choose your own adventure, a lot of internal resources are being put into SOB."

This is interesting as if true, Valve is working on some new IP. I like the art style but the way they warp the faces is unsettling in a few of the shots. I wonder if that style is to outline the "bad" vs "good" or if its something different. The images do look valve like and I hope with the advancement of technology that the game comes out to look much like that art.

Does a new franchise from Valve interest you? What do you think of the leaked art?

For the entirety of the goods, check facepunch direct: